Getting Messy with Tiramisu.

Well, as promised I come bearing gifts and snippets of food-related experience! So this weekend was dedicated to having a bit of much needed R n R, and I reference, in a cheesy… Continue reading

An Ode to Inspiration.

Welcome, welcome, delicious deviants in the depths of Internet slurry, into 2011! I have a good and reliable feeling that this is going to be very much the same as last year, full… Continue reading

Nadolig Llawen!

(…that’s Merry Christmas in Welsh!)   First of all, I would very much like to apologise for my lack of posts in recent weeks! For those dedicated few who enjoy reading my blog,… Continue reading

Freezing it up.

Today is about Christmas. It’s the 1st of December, so I get to open my advent calendar, which has been teasing me for weeks on my desk. Hooray!   I don’t think i’ve… Continue reading

Theobroma Cacao

Today is a day of many things…today I handed in my dissertation proposal, along with many others, and i’m actually very excited about it. Today, I spent over an hour reading about chocolate,… Continue reading

A Flying Visit

It has been almost ten days since my last post, please forgive my brief absence. Alas! No rest for the wicked eh? I’ve been super busy with all my writing and working at… Continue reading

Autumnal Musings

I love Halloween, not for begging for sweets at stranger’s houses (bit strange!), but for all the veg the comes into season. And for the excitement of being able to eat stews and… Continue reading

National Baking Week 2010

Is finally coming to an end for 2010! Unfortunately, I don’t think I made quite as much of an effort as I perhaps could/should have. Funds are very low and I couldn’t splash… Continue reading

Technology is Leading a Revolt

…against me and against my laptop, hence my substantial absence. It is seriously kaput. But, it’s been quite a food packed month and it’s been fun! I think i had my proudest moment… Continue reading

The Gods of Chance

…Really were smiling down unto me yesterday afternoon! Me and my other half went blackberry picking in the woods next to his house on the beautifully rainy afternoon, to console me for my… Continue reading