The Icing On The Cake

I was trawling through an absolute behemoth stack of Christmas recipe books today, trying to find some inspiration for decorating my Christmas cake, and whilst I found nought that sated my half modern-half… Continue reading

Love For Mince Pies

I do feel somewhat compelled to adhere to food etiquette, on occasion. After Eight mints after 8pm (…ish), nought but raisins in my scones and mince pies only at Christmas. The latter being… Continue reading

Chocolate Candles

Advent calendar’s are obviously a big part of Christmas, it’s not quite the same if you have a Christmas when you’re young (or young at heart) and not opening the little door every… Continue reading

Upon Request

Well, I can safely say that my recipe-a-day for National Baking Week went completely to plan…it really didn’t. I’d apologise, but honestly, I was dying of a cold for most of the week… Continue reading

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail

I was recently looking through my relatively large collection of DVDs and books, sorting which ones to sell and which ones to keep to make some extra space. Some of them flew out… Continue reading

Death and Taxes

Never have these two concepts been so prominent in my life. I think I should mention right now that I do not understand money, in the slightest, neither do I understand taxes. And… Continue reading

Baking For Victory

I bet there are a number of people reading this (look at me getting all cocky that people actually read this!) that have been watching “The Great British Bake Off” on BBC 2.… Continue reading

Cotton Anniversary

Hello my oh so dedicated followers and random blog generated hitters. I am back from working the Jersey Live Music Festival (hooray!). Not to say that I didn’t have an awesome time, it… Continue reading

Cookies and Chutney

It’s been a while since I last wrote on here, and i’m starting to get a little bit fidgety and generally just being a bit of a grumpus. I would say that me… Continue reading

Celadon Sweets

Anyone who remotely reads about food on the internet will know about macarons. I can vouch that 90% of the food blogs, or the baking blogs at least, I have read will have… Continue reading