Showtunes and Cheesecake

Hello all my lovely summer bunnies! This is a quick recipe post for the beautiful Emma over at She asked me so very nicely for a recipe for a basic cheesecake recipe, and… Continue reading

English Summer in March

I have a wonderfully quick post for you today so I can go make the most of this beautiful sunshine! Anyone reading this from the UK will know how beautiful-a week we’ve had… Continue reading

Orange Cake and Inadequate Pasta

Apologies for the short absence, I take no shame in the fact that I have been absorbed in the Hunger Games trilogy. I do, however, take a teensy bit of shame in that… Continue reading

Bludger Sweet Potatoes

I had a bit of an American morning yesterday. Browsing Reddit, Foodgawker and Etsy, as per. But I sat, longing for the day when I would get a recipe accepted to Foodgawker, something caught… Continue reading

Sucker For Sailor Jerry’s

Sticking with my new more, non-rambling side of decided I’ve decided to jump (almost) straight in today with a recipe. Nobody loves a rambler, except maybe National Parks…and small hills.   But anyway,… Continue reading

Drizzle Me This

This post is purely for the liberation of this particular recipe. So, for now, your eyes are spared from my general ramblings. This cake was made for my best friend after I owed… Continue reading

Recycled Ganache

The modern world is so very contradictory. On the one hand we are being indoctrinated to buy more of the newest, shiniest upgraded gadget. Whereas on the other, we are cussed and scalded… Continue reading

The Natural Order Of Things

Balance, is a beautiful thing. A wonderful thing that keeps everything where it needs to be. Enough force from each side to keep something situated and working. Life, in itself, is obviously a… Continue reading

Pastry By Association

There are some things that I really hated when I was growing up, mushrooms was one of these things, and waiting for my dinner was another. Now I know how impatient most children… Continue reading

Curious With Confectionery

I actually can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve written on my little page. After a month of horribly long shifts at my two jobs and no days off, it actually… Continue reading