Interrailing and Cherry Bakewells.

The past week and a bit has been full of surprises for me. The official end of my Canadian application has fallen through, thank you very much IEC for losing my application. Although… Continue reading

Stockett and Marbles

Just a quick one to drop by and update you on my exploits of late. I would stay longer, but I’m watching Tideland (Gilliam, 2005) and it’s awfully engrossing! A few weeks ago it… Continue reading

Method to the Madness

I will wager that at some point in your life you will have at least half a dozen egg whites at your disposal. It will sneak up on you, like if you decide… Continue reading

Cross-Season Confit

Today’s post is quite befitting of this abysmal weather we’re having in the UK right now. It embraces the constant reminder that humans are mere pawns and slaves to the weather, dwarfed by Mother Nature’s… Continue reading

Cinnamon Sunshine

I once read a really important article, noting that a blogger should never apologise for prolonged or even a moderate absence. In most cases it’s not a bloggers job to blog, to have… Continue reading

Princess of Battenberg

Today is another sweet post to add to my humble collection. “What a change from your usual repertoire  JR” I hear you say? Well I say to you, “Oh stop it, you!” with a… Continue reading

A Sweet History of Nearly Everything

I realised yesterday after checking through my blog for a recipe – yeah, I forget recipes quite easily – that I never ended up writing about confectionery. I wrote this entire post about… Continue reading

Popping Visas

My life is actually quite exciting at the moment. I am in the process of acquiring a visa so I can go work and live in Canada for a year. It’s been a… Continue reading

Famous Flavours and Spices

Good evening to all you mid-weekers! I must apologise for my sincere lack of presence over the past week and a half, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. Not for any particular reason,… Continue reading

Baking 101

Another request for today my lovely followers! A request for a cake suitable for the table of an Easter feast! This is my Easter feast. And yes, it’s all chocolate. (I’m a new… Continue reading