Vintage Vanilla Christmas

Okay. Okay, I know it’s been far too long, I have so crazy busy with work and getting ready for the holidays. But! I’ve finally given myself a kick up the bum and… Continue reading

The Month For Bros

Happy Movember to all you blokes, dogs, cats and hairy ladies.  It is times like this that I wish I was a man, and I could grow a moustache. Maybe have contests, maybe… Continue reading

Skulls and Frankenstein.

Happy Halloween all my lovely little deviants from across the globe!  This is just a flying visit to let you know what I’ve been baking, ready for Halloween. I’ve never really gotten the… Continue reading

My Fancy Halloween.

Hello, hello!  I come to you wrapped up in my finest fair isle jumper, and a cup of tea in hand, because it’s bloody freezing outside! I think the heavy fog we’ve had all… Continue reading

Winter is Coming…

Today isn’t a day for waffling, today is a day for action. I’m feeling extremely determined today to get my shiz done. And it’s a Monday too, I feel so proud! It’s a… Continue reading

Celebrating National Chocolate Week 2012

A quick update for you lovely people today. I’m running a competition over on my Facebook page to celebrate National Chocolat Week 2012, you guys can take part in it if you wish!… Continue reading

Heart of Gianduja

Today I come to you with great tidings, for two reasons!  Firstly, I am so ridiculously proud that I managed to reach my 20,000th visitor today! I know I’m not exactly the biggest… Continue reading

If Hobbits Were Vegan

Happy Happy Hobbit Anniversary to all you Tolkein lovers! Today is a wonderful day, this day 75 years ago was the release of the first copy of The Hobbit. It’s not just a… Continue reading

The Wanderer Has Returned

The wanderer has returned from a saunter around Europe! I am full of, both, vitality and sadness in equal tow. Just a little background, I have been away for six weeks altogether, and… Continue reading

Shiny Happy Cashews

I love flicking through cookbooks, it really is one of my favourite past times, it may sound really depressing, but it’s really quite inspiring. It’s my version of leafing breezily through a chick… Continue reading