Winter is Coming: Part II – How Porridge Got It’s Groove Back

As most people with eyes can see, the UK has had quite a lot of snow recently. And whilst I love me a bit of snow, I am really ready to start with the picnics, walks and barbecues. This time last year I wrote a post titled “English Summer in March“. Oh how fickle the seasons are. The weather is the weather, and we can choose to moan and groan about it but there is little point. It’s cold, put on a big coat, get your walking shoes on and go around your daily life with a giant, geeky smile on your face.

Anyway, because it’s cold I always tend to go for the classic British breakfasts – porridge. I did a little feature on this a while ago but I’ve added some more flavours, and some more photographs to my repertoire. I am always looking for new and unusual porridge ideas, and I always draw a blank, there’s only so many different types of fruit you can top and add to porridge, you know? Think outside of the box. And if you guys have any trusted or new ideas drop me a comment and I will certainly give them a go.

So here goes for you serial porridge eaters! (did you like my homophonic pun?)
Here are a few more flavours if you’re getting a little a little bored with the plain-jane style, or traditionalist, whichever way you want to look at it. 

This is a complete and utter indulgent meal, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not good for you, come on, you guys aren’t thick, it’s got biscuits and chocolate in it; but hot damn is it tasty. Lace your standard mix with a teaspoon of very good quality cocoa and a few dark chocolate drops. Stir in until they’re melt-ey and delicious and crumble up a few bourbon biscuits. Oh my good lord this is some tasty porridge, but heed this warning. Make a little less base-recipe then you normally would, it’s quite a bit richer than your old faithful. Also, I cannot in good faith leave this post telling you that this should be part of your weekly porridge regime, it really should be a special occasion type of deal – or for if you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

This is always a good one for me. It’s a sort of middle ground between something that is nice and healthy for you, and something that’s comforting and sweet (not that healthy can’t be comforting and sweet, but you get what I mean). This is the ol’ banana favourite, with a simple addition. It’s not revolutionary, it’s just me rooting through my cupboards to see what I can find. I went to a hotel a few weeks ago and snagged one of the mini pots of blackcurrant jam. First world anarchist over here I know, but still. It is oddly nice, and if you get a really tart blackcurrant jam it is the bee’s knees. 

This is the original monster that seemed to get a lot of attention on Pinterest (and how flattered I was that it did!). It is the almighty carrot cake porridge, and yes, it tastes exactly how it sounds. Gingery, cinnamon-ey and deliciously sweet. This is also one of those ‘once-in-a-while’ kind of recipes. 

I have an idiot-proof recipe over on one of my older posts called Winter is Coming. It’s the one I always use, and is absolutely perfect for my taste. It is ever so slightly towards the thicker side – I’m not into eating warm, milky, oat-ey soup – and it’s quite creamy. You’re very welcome to give it a go if you think you might enjoy it.
As a side note before I leave, I would just like to voice how ridiculously excited I am about the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday/Monday. I am currently having a marathon to catch up before the season premiere, I’ve got roasted meats and everything.

Also, keep a peeper open for my next post – I’m really quite proud of the photographs I’ve taken of my next endeavour. 

That’s all folks!