Tom Kha Gai and Infographics

Firstly, I would like to invite you in from the chill and the snow outside and into my humble and toasty abode. Go, grab yourself a blanket and come cuddle up with a cup of tea. It’s horrible outside and I’m be craving something warm and satisfying. I honestly can’t think of a better double team right now. Tom Kha Gai soup and freezing weather. I’m celebrating and satisfying in one fell swoop. Just as a quick bit of info on Tom Kha Gai before anything else. It literally translates as ‘chicken galangal soup‘ and is a traditional Thai dish.  

Secondly, I would like to wish a huge, if a little belated, Happy New Year to all my Asian cousins in the East, I hope you’ve enjoyed all your festivities and ate lots of delicious food! So:

새해 복 많이 받으세요
Chúc mừng năm mới
Шинэ жилийн баярын мэнд хvргэе
tashi delek

Wherever you are from in the world, I hope it was full of peace and love.
Ahem, moving on. I’ve begun to start utilising my free time in a more constructive way recently, I’ve been practising some of my hobbies. Now I do spread myself a bit far and wide so I’m not particularly astounding at anything, but I’m slowly bringing everything up to the same level! 
The reason I mention this today is because I wanted to try something a little different on this humble little blog of mine. I wanted to create something that was easy to save, to print and stick in your recipe binders at home. So, behold, my first ever infographic:

I chose Tom Kha Gai both to celebrate New Year, and because it is just damn delicious! I’ve been meaning to make it since visiting this dainty little tapas place called ‘M Lounge’ in Vienna last Summer. And when the temperature began to drop around November time, I went a little Thai-crazy and have made it several times since. You can get all of the ingredients from Sainsbury’s (if you’re in the UK). Galagal and Kaffir lime leaves can both be found in the herbs and spices section, the galangal ready crushed in jars, and the lime leaves ready-dried in pouches. If you’re stuck with finding lemon grass, it’s in the fresh food section along with fresh ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and chilli peppers. But I would suggest that you check local Asian supermarkets, as it is far, far cheaper! I would also note that you can add palm sugar (you can sub brown demerera if you don’t have palm sugar) and mushrooms to this dish, but I’m not a fan of the sweetness, or whole mushrooms, so I just left it out. Don’t be put off by this though it’s just personal preference. 

I shall leave my infographic to the instructions, but it should look a little something like this once you’ve finished, 

It should be a little coconut-ey, a little tangy, and a lot spicy. It’s delicious served with white or wholegrain basmati rice, some fresh and fragrant coriander and a little squeeze of lime juice.

It’s simple to get this delicious little soup shimmied into bowls in less than 20 minutes. So it’s very quick, and really quite healthy. It’s also really easy to adapt to your own taste buds, if you like it super fiery, add another chilli pepper, if you like lime, put more lime in. It’s really as simple as that, mine is relatively balanced, not too much of anything going on but you’re very welcome to bung things in as you please. 

So, it might be time to get your walking boots and sheepskin coats out of the wardrobe, Winter hasn’t quite left us yet my friends.