In the January Chill

I don’t know what it is about Winter, but I tend to listen to a lot of David Gray. It has this really calming and pleasant influence on me in the long, darker days. It reminds me of when I used to read incessantly, I have particularly vivid memories of The Hobbit, and The Wind on Fire trilogy.  Ah! What a sense of nostalgia I have today. 

Time to move on! Over the past week or so, we’ve had a hell of a lot of snow in the West Midlands. I say a hell of a lot, a lot for the UK standards at least. Most of it has melted away, but there are still some guilty, and slightly malformed, looking snowmen lingering in my back garden. It looks like they’ve had a little bit of a swinger’s party and have shed all their clothes in a hurry, it’s really quite amusing. 

Anyway, seeing as I’ve had a bit of time on my hands since finishing the crazy Christmas rush, I’ve been testing out some new baking endeavours. First of all, I made the commitment of buying a whole net of unwaxed lemons, leaving me with the responsibility of thinking of something inventive to do with said lemons. I ended up choosing the easy way out, and making some lemon cupcakes, but they came out quite cute.

The recipe for the sponge can be found here if you’re curious, the lemon butter cream was fine, but it needs a little work to get it to hold it’s shape better, so I won’t include the recipe just yet! Lovely and lemony, you can include the syrup if you like, it gives a wonderful tangy, lemon-ey hit which is a nice contrast to the sweet lemon butter cream.

In other news: I made some pretty darn evil cookies. My god, they are so ridiculously addictive. I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected the recipe, but I need to take some pretty pictures first to match them.
So I’ll leave you with that delicious thought. Think, cookies. Chewy cookies. With white chocolate.

Wrap up warm folks!