Skulls and Frankenstein.

Happy Halloween all my lovely little deviants from across the globe! 

This is just a flying visit to let you know what I’ve been baking, ready for Halloween. I’ve never really gotten the whole Trick-or-Treating thing, going from house-to-house begging for crappy sweets. Give me a handful of cheap, comedic horror B-movies, friends and beer and I will be a happy lass. Like Christmas, I just pick and choose the bits I want to celebrate. I like the whole dressing up aspect, I like watching horror – classic, modern and otherwise – and I like things in life that some people may call macabre. 

But anyway, I’m getting distracted. Here are my Halloween-based cupcakes. I would actually make these all year round, I love those little skulls.

If you want to give these beauties a go they are very simple to make, take a basic chocolate sponge mix and bake in cupcake cases – make sure that it’s a recipe that contains actual melted chocolate, instead of just cocoa powder. The chocolate birthday cake recipe I use is pretty amazing. I topped half of mine with Chantilly cream (whipped cream with vanilla and a little sugar) and the other half with whipped chocolate ganache, and topped all with a milk chocolate skull.


Although I have to go back to work later on tonight, I’m really excited to come home, inhale a pizza and watch some films. I even have a little agenda and everything, that’s how excited I am!
Bride of Frankenstein, Eraserhead, Repulsion and Let the Right One In. A nice mix of classic and modern I think. 

Right, that’s enough of my blabbering, go get your DVD collection out/go and buy a new film. Well it wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t see someone get gouged, dismembered or haunted would it?