Princess of Battenberg

Today is another sweet post to add to my humble collection. “What a change from your usual repertoire  JR” I hear you say? Well I say to you, “Oh stop it, you!” with a bashful blush. I will alleviate the sweet tooth problem I’ve been having next post but today is about one of my favourite cakes. Battenberg! You have these little lovebirds to thank for this glorious creation:

Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine.


Well, I question the choice they may, or may not, have had in their matrimonial bliss, but I am grateful all the same. Queen Victoria thought it would be ace to throw them a badass Wedding party and include reams of this incredibly addictive cake. The chefs of the royal household decided to honour Queen Victoria’s German heritage with a typically ‘German’ style of almond sponge, which was popular at the time. They, then, dyed it pink and yellow and sandwiched it together in a checkerboard pattern to represent the equal merging of two households, and wrapped it all securely together in marzipan. I have no idea whether the marzipan is meant to represent the security of the growing English empire, or whether it was just damn tasty, I’m just speculating over here.

The man after which this cake was named actually went on to change his last name to Mountbatten (sound vaguely familiar?), but the cake remained untouched, in all it’s glory. The history is really that simple, it’s not entirely English, it’s not entirely German, but it’s a lovely entanglement of the two. I like that, the harmony.

The reason I speak about Battenberg cake is because I found a packet of golden marzipan in my cupboard from Christmas the other day (shameful that I missed it, I know) and felt I had to use it sooner rather then later. In all honesty, unless I get specific requests or have a mega-craving, that’s how most of my baking endeavours begin. So, in short, I made a huge Battenberg cake; but me being me, I chose to make at least one tweak.

It was my first time at covering a cake so be kind, I was actually reasonably proud that it went on without too much effort. A small victory for novice bakers everywhere!

I was actually reading a few of my older posts today and I’d realised what a bore I’d been over the past couple of months. I seem to have lost my flourish-ey style of waffling. I’m not if that’s entirely a bad thing, I know it can annoy some people, but I felt like I’d lost a little bit of myself by curbing the useless rambling. Oh the irony after that post. I hope I’ve not put you from returning if it’s your first visit to my little emporium.

Bright, light, almond-ey goodness. Use good marzipan and your life will be complete. Also, as a parting note I’d like to introduce my little mini-bakery. I was so proud putting these little bags together today, I even made the stickers myself. So I thought I’d share it with you, my devoted readers:

I think that’s a nice point to end on. So I think I’m going to go. Have a nice evening!