Orange Cake and Inadequate Pasta

Apologies for the short absence, I take no shame in the fact that I have been absorbed in the Hunger Games trilogy. I do, however, take a teensy bit of shame in that I’ve done little else in the past week except sit in my pyjamas and read on my days off.

In order to keep my humble little blog up to date and keep those of you who enjoy reading occupied, I’ve torn myself away so I can update you on the culinary happenings in my life. It was my best friend’s birthday not too long ago, and in a true friend fashion I bequeathed unto her a sick-ass cake. A little ruggedly iced (not my best quality), but a tasty cake nonetheless.

Yes, they are amazing dark chocolate orange segments, woohoo!

For the feature today I’m going to include something a little less sweet, as I’m not feeling particularly sugary today. I actually made this dish a few weeks ago now, I just never ended up writing about it. In short, I was in a huff because I tried to make pasta and it didn’t go exactly to plan, so I was sad/annoyed (yes, I am a child getting huffy over something going wrong). Partially because I was feeling confident that I could make anything that day, and partially because I was sure I could handle only two ingredients. It wasn’t entirely a disaster, it looked like pasta, it tasted like pasta, and it acted like pasta when it was cooked but the texture just wasn’t quite right. I ended up cooking my ravioli for a whole ten minutes longer then it should have been cooked for, and it was still a little al dente. It could have been to do with the fact that it was my first time making pasta, but it was an absolute pain in the arse to knead, even after 15 minutes, it was still like kneading cold clay. 

The cold, steely appearance of a useless pasta maker. Ominous, teasing and space-taking.

It could have been that instead of a pasta maker (after I found it was mostly broken) I had to go traditional and use a rolling pin and it might have seized the dough or something. Not that I’m blaming my equipment or anything…I really hope I don’t have a spatula uprising on my hands after this. I have no idea what went wrong until I have gotten out of my mood and tried it again.

But alas, the filling and the sauce was divine, and the pasta tasted pretty amazing. The filling consisted of a mix of chorizo, red onions, garlic, oregano, paprika, gran padano cheese and olive oil, all gently fried together and stuffed into ravioli squares. And the sauce was essentially the same, minus the chorizo, just to give a bit of extra taste and tomato-ey…ness. Yum! If you want to recreate it, you can alter all of the ingredients to how much you like them and mix it in with regular pasta. If you like it super garlic-ey, add more garlic, if you aren’t so much of a fan, add only a little. It’s really, very simple and a lovely, quick afternoon snack if you use bought pasta.

Until I am absolutely satisfied with my pasta recipe though, I am going to hang fire with sharing it. I don’t want to go around sharing inadequate recipes now, do I?

So in true Jessica style, after mentioning that I wasn’t in a sugary mood, I’ve instantaneously decided I want to make some gingernut biscuits. How very typical! I will update of course very soon – probably later this evening or tomorrow – on how they went. I’m quite excited to get my apron on and have Jason Mraz on in my sunny kitchen!