Sucker For Sailor Jerry’s

Sticking with my new more, non-rambling side of decided I’ve decided to jump (almost) straight in today with a recipe. Nobody loves a rambler, except maybe National Parks…and small hills.
But anyway, my delectable recipe for today is that of a celebratory nature. It was a good friend’s birthday yesterday, and I felt it granted me yet another excuse to make something I’ve never attempted before. In this mindset I took into account all of the information that I had at my disposal:
– He loves Sailor Jerry’s Rum.

– He loves Tiramisu.
– I have an awesome Tiramisu recipe already at my disposal.

This left me with only the deliberation of the ‘cake’ part of the birthday cake. Though the translation of the classic dessert into a cake form wasn’t exactly the problem, it was the choosing of how to do it. So I decided to stick with the most basic of basic tasks. Why fix something that isn’t broken? I bequeath unto you my recipe for Tiramisu cake, Sailor Jerry’s stylee.
Sailor Jerry’s Tiramisu Birthday Cake Extravaganza
Feeds – 20 or so
For the Zabaglione filling and coating:

250g Marscapone Cheese at room temperature
2 egg yolks
10 tblsp caster sugar
150ml double cream, whipped
4 shots of Sailor Jerry’s Rum
3 tsp strong coffee diluted in about 100ml of hot water
3 tsp vanilla extract

For the cake:
225g self raising flour
4 eggs
225g butter, softened
225g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
To decorate: I used two packets of chocolate gemstones from Hotel Chocolat, but whatever takes your fancy!
– Preheat the oven to about 180C/Gas mark 4/160C (fan assisted) and prepare three sandwich tins (line with parchment and butter the sides).
 – It’s best to make the zabaglione cream first so it has time to cool before icing – it can take up to 3-4 hours to cool and set in the fridge well enough to hold on the side of a cake. 
– Prepare a double boiler on the hob and leave it to start boiling. Whilst you’re waiting beat the egg yolks until they start to foam, add in 6 tablespoons of the caster sugar and whisk up some more. Add two shots of the brewed coffee, two shots of Sailor Jerry’s and two teaspoons of vanilla extract.
– Take this lovely little runny concoction over the double boiler and whisk it over the heat (keep whisking or it will curdle!) until it makes a sort of tan coloured custard. It’ll take around 5 minutes or so of whisking, when this stage is achieved take it off the heat it doesn’t need anymore. 

– Add in the marscapone cheese and mash it in until it’s all smooth and creamy. Then fold in the whipped cream, trying not to knock out all the air! Taste it at this point, see if it needs any more sugar, rum or coffee, to your own taste, cover it in cling film, and pop it in the bottom of your fridge where it’s not going to be disturbed too much.

– Well, lets not hang around lets get going with the butter and sugar for the cake. Start by creaming it up together so it looks all gorgeous and light. Then add in the eggs, one by one, mixing in between each one. If it starts to curdle, add a tablespoon of flour to make it gather again!
– Fold in the flour relatively carefully. You don’t have to caress it like you would with a souffle but don’t beat the living hell out of it and knock out all the lovely air you’ve just spent your energy making in the sugar and butter!
– Split between the three tins and make a little indentation in the middle of each one. This is quite a nice trick to use purely for aesthetic and decorating reasons, it helps to stop it rising so much in the middle so you can ice it easily. Bake for 15(ish) minutes, keep an eye on it after about 11-12 minutes to make sure it doesn’t catch or brown too much. Test to see if it’s cooked with a sharp knife (poke it in the middle and pull it out, if it comes out clean it’s cooked, if not, pop it in for another 2 minutes or so).
– Leave this whole mess to cool down for an hour or two, go on, have a brew or something, you deserve it after all your moderately hard work so far. I’m not judging, promise!
 – When everything’s cool, you’re ready to start assembling. To make the coffee and rum syrup it literally could not be easier. Bung whatever’s left of your coffee mix, the two remaining shots of rum, and the four remaining tablespoons of sugar in a saucepan over the hob and get it up to a rolling boil. Keep an eye on it, and watch it reduce until it’s reasonable thicker then it was before. Paint it on the tops and bottoms of each sponge and leave to cool and soak in a little – five minutes is about right.
– Assemble your cake in this general order. Cake>Cream>Cake>Cream>Cake>Cream all over! Smooth it all around the outside of the layers and you are sorted to decorate.
And it should come out looking something like the picture at the top of this lovely, kind of concise post! Hooray, this was a proud day for me. Despite my complete novice icing skills I still managed to make something that looks relatively beautiful.
And a shot of the lovely middle of the cake courtesy of the birthday boy
I hope you enjoy it as much as I, and the birthday boy, did.