Curious With Confectionery

I actually can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve written on my little page. After a month of horribly long shifts at my two jobs and no days off, it actually feels quite apt that going into the new year I can actually inhale and take a look of what I want to do this year. I’m not one for planning at all and i’m sure you’ll find dozens of other people saying similar things to I right now but I dunno, it felt like a notion worth mentioning. I would apologise like I normally do after a long absence, but honestly, I don’t know where I would have fitted the time between all the work and making my presents this year – I’ll include a little note about this later on.
But onwards, a succinct recap of Christmas treats. My hamper’s shape sort of morphed a few times to fit around my schedule (and ingredients) so I ended up with a wonderfully Winter combination of Spiced Gingerbread, White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies, Sailor Jerry’s Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding -as a side note, the capitals are used to remind myself to update this post a little later on with the links to such recipes, as I am almost 100% certain I will forget otherwise. I think it wouldn’t quite be Christmas without Sailor Jerry’s, it has been almost a tradition to get a good dose of Sailor Jerry’s Rum whenever possible since my good days in Wales. And whilst their recipe has changed, to many people’s disgust, I have chosen to embrace the new flavours and adapt my recipes to fit in with it. 
Though my mince pies never made it into the hampers due to time constraints, /I forgot to make the pastry, they are most definitely worth a good mention here. Mainly because of the fact that they are possibly the nicest mince pies I have ever made, or tasted for that matter. I know i’m probably biased because I was so proud after almost a month of stewing my mincemeat, barely touching my hamper’s other goods…and loving rum, but damn it they were so yum. I shall include the recipe for the pastry soon and, if you have any mincemeat left, you can make them yourself, or if you’re feeling a little done with Christmas, you can use it for some wonderful springtime sweet pies.
But enough about Christmas now, it is the furthest possible time from it now, and apart from the recipe I will include about the pastry you shall hear no more of it from me until next time. 
I’m beginning to feel a little curious with confectionery of late. Partly because over the next few weeks i’m beginning a course to attempt to become a very amateur chocolatier, and I invested in a very epic looking sugar thermometer for all my jam and sweetie needs. I’ll be honest, it’s still in the packet at the moment, though I’ve had it almost three weeks, but i’m ready and willing to give some sort of tooth melting thing a go. I’ve delved into the depths of the American market of marshmallows and come across some pretty beautiful things. One of my favourites at the moment is this wonderful little (not really little at all) site called240 sweet, an Indiana-based artisan sweetie maker which makes Flumps look like crap. 
If i’m not mistaken, I believe this particular one is called Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
I’ll be honest, this site has given me singularly the best inspiration to try out my own ones; one, because they pay such beautiful attention to their photographs and two, because the flavours, as a UK resident, seem relatively exotic. I think I might begin my tests with some peppermint crisp marshmallows, see how they turn out and them branch out a little to other flavour dimensions. 
I am off to go and explore the wonders of sweetie land my darlings, I shall be back soon, and with the finding of my memory card reader comes new imagery.Peace.