The Icing On The Cake

I was trawling through an absolute behemoth stack of Christmas recipe books today, trying to find some inspiration for decorating my Christmas cake, and whilst I found nought that sated my half modern-half traditional creative tastes, I meandered to the internet for my fickle needs. I must quickly apologise yet again for my Christmas related post for those who don’t celebrate it, once mid-month arrives I will have probably gotten bored and my attention attracted to another culinary exploration. But, for now, I must pay homage to a few pretty sexy cake decorators across the internet. You have hijacked my entire Sunday morning (in a good way!) and kept me occupied and inspired to try many a different decorating technique. 
So this little mini post is to inspire others as I have been. 

For those who like traditional Christmas Fruit Cake (like me…) 

When I think of really traditional cakes I think of perfectly smoothed top, not a crack or imperfection in sight tied with a thick checkered ribbon tied neatly around the edge. Perhaps a tiny snowflake or two iced onto the top. And while I love that, I do relish a little individuality, and I think this is such an ace little idea. Just changing the snowflakes from flat to vertical makes a whole lot of difference. 
I’ll be honest, I have never seen a cake that has dips especially for tea lights, and I absolutely love it! What with my fetish for candles and all. Thank you for enlightening (too much of a cheesy pun?) me, G-Man.
For the people who love a little cute kitsch in their kitchens, I think this will be an absolute favourite. Like I said, taking something simple and traditional and adding a little modern (or modern-vintage) style to make things absolutely stunning. This is merely a taster of the wonders I found on Victoria Made, if you’re a confident (or just super ambitious) baker, her stream is is definitely porn for your tastebuds.

This one is so adorable, and definitely a contender for my mini Christmas cakes this year! Thanks StripeyAnne

For those who don’t like Christmas cake. Or those who like chocolate (like me):

This talented lady makes tonnes of amazing cakes, including this beautiful Büche de Nóel, if you fancy looking at more here’s the link!

If you’re thinking about making your own Christmas cake this year, do get on it pronto! As it needs time to sit. If you’re worried it won’t come out well, just stick to the classics, Delia makes a cracking good fruit cake that never fails. Either way I hope I’ve instilled some sort of inspiration with you in case you do decide to make your own this Christmas. With all these beautiful ideas knocking around, it’s hard not to get excited about home-made Christmas cakes. And with a bit of instruction from someone who knows about baking or good bit o’ Youtube (which has loads of videos for learning new stuff) you can get something that looks awesome.