Cooking For Your Fellow Geek

One thing that I am perfectly happy to admit openly is that I am a massive geek. I’ve been recently going through my stuff to sell on eBay and I hadn’t reached the stage where I could fully appreciate the extent of my geeky tendencies. I’m sure many before I and many after will brandish this title with pride, geek chic and all that, but I do seem to relish the fact that I am just a geeky girl. I realised i’d been unintentionally thorough as I was growing up too, as I seemed to have covered all bases of geekdom. I’ve got the book reading (which I don’t really personally count, but some do consider learn(d)ing to be geeky), then my interests in gaming came merrily trundling along, then there’s my everlasting love affair with Mr Tolkein, my brief rendevous with Star Wars, and Stargate, and Stargate Atlantis, and Dragon Ball Z. Oh, and my unwavering interest in clouds.This is relevant I promise. The reason I bring this up today is because I was thinking about life, as you do, and what my next 60 (too optimistic?) years of baking will be like. I just don’t know whether i’m ready to commit to cooking regular shaped cookies for the rest of my life, it’s a big decision, you know? So I went looking for cloud biscuit cutters, and to my dismay, found nada, nil, niente. So I went to the next logical step, finding somewhere that can make the designs I want…still nothing. I wonder if i’ve just found a massive gap in the market? I know I would pay £5 to be able to make biscuits in the shape of gollum’s face, there’s only so much my inexperienced hands can carve out of biscuit dough.
After this little detour I went a knocking around on some of my geeky websites, trying to find some unusual cutters and I found some pretty cute ones. For instance, I found these ninjabread men ones which were vaguely amusing
It sends me back to a summer spending half an hour carving biscuit dough into rude sex positions
But I also found some rather creepy ones, i’m sure this is probably lovely to someone out there, but honestly, if I had a tray of these, i’d feel like I was being watched…
There is just something really ominous about this.
I’m not quite sure whether I would even take these to a baby shower, it might just freak out the parents even more. I shouldn’t really complain about the lack of choice, there were some pretty cool Star Wars ones I found, it’s just me being fussy and wanting to have everything down to the last detail to my taste, even if they did do a Legolas cookie cutter, i’d probably complain his eyes were wonky or they got his fishbone braid wrong. It’s also the fact that living in the UK is a proper pain, because it makes you redundant to half the cool stuff because the American sites won’t ship overseas.
I would honestly, love to tuck into a Yoda and milk everyday.
But enough with the complaining about lack of choice for now, if there is nothing there, I will make my own, that is the way to do it! I would gladly serve a Boba Fett or a Frodo instead of a smiley face in my prospective bakery any day of the week. Maybe that’s just me, would it freak children out too much? I would quite like, on a side note, to have my own personal decoration printer. One that produced alphabet tiles to imprint in decorations in whatever font I fancied. Arial-esque fonts are overrated, and I could make biscuits to match my banner and everything, wouldn’t that be fun. I do rather like custom baking bits and pieces, and until i’m skilled enough to pipe like a ninja then i’m going to have to rely on gadgets (which is ironic, because it’ll be the use of such gadgets that will prevent my improvement).
For this evening, or early morning should I say, I shall leave it as a short post as i’m not feeling particularly inspired. But I will come back within the next few days with something more substantial, and with a recipe! I’m sorry for being so haphazard with my posts, you’d have thought my brain would have taken advantage or this joblessness, apparently not! But do not lose faith! Dream on.