Prospective Cheesecake

Now, as much as I love my food, I would like to think that there’s alot more to me then just cooking, I do and very much enjoy other things in my life. Just to let you know that i’m deeper than a fat cake-filled puddle! Now, in the mindset of this, I would like to mention that I really really should not be writing this post, as I have several assignments that are clawing at my toes trying to drag me under the table into the realms of proverbial hell. But aha! I say to them good day to sirs, you shall not ensnare me today! Well…they will, but not quite yet, i’m not ready to reside myself to my bedroom, lock the door and bang out two thousand words. Not a euphemism!

            So in the spitits of today, I shall explore the world of the cheesecake. I mention it today as I am making one tomorrow and I thought it apt to do research, like any good little enthusiast, into the product that I would be making. So a little history lesson, stick with me, it will bear rewards! Now as popular as cheesecake is in the modern times we live in, you wouldn’t think that it originated in ancient Greece, there’s no exact date, but it has been noted down that something resembling cheesecake was fed to Olympic athletes in about 775BC. However, the first recorded cheesecake wasn’t a little later, 5th Century BC to be accurate, and the times of Aegimus. Now this amazing physician helped create the first document and guide to creating cheesecake, thankyou very much.
           As is with food, everyone likes to take something awesome and give their take on it, so it’s not a big deal if you say there are literally dozens of different types of cheesecake across the globe, and I don’t mean just flavours, you could probably reach that number just in the Cheesecake Factory, but different ways of making it. Some make it with sponge, others with crushed biscuits, and the somewhat controversial ideas of whether a cheesecake should be baked, chilled, or frozen. In my personal opinion I couldn’t care less about what’s “right”, there is no right” way of doing things, just loads of different ways…and sometimes wrong ways if it goes catastrophically wrong and ends up running everywhere. Style it out, style it out.
          I quite like researching this because not only do you just learn about assembling ingredients, you kinda learn a little science too, adding rennet to casein and coagulating it (like the Swedish variation) seems very complicated in comparison to mixing cream cheese with some lemon and leaving it to set in the fridge. As this is only a short mini post, and I need some sleep, I shall be brief. I may have found a pretty amazing recipe. Here is a picture. If it goes down well I will ask the kind donator of said cheesecake if I can post the recipe on here too!

This very obviously does not belong to me! I have kindly borrowed this from Once Upon A Thyme (which you can visit if you like, the url is on the picture)
Thankyou very much potentially!