An Ode to Inspiration.

Welcome, welcome, delicious deviants in the depths of Internet slurry, into 2011!

I have a good and reliable feeling that this is going to be very much the same as last year, full of work and hopes of winning the lottery.
Alas! I jest, it will be a difficult year. It might have something to do with the fact that I may (or, equally as likely, may not) graduate University this year, and be flung into the world of work in what I can only describe as a state of pure and utter terror. I have visions of trawling over endless job applications reading “Experienced Writer…”, sighing, sending emails to receive either nothing or the classic “I’m sorry but because of the lack of professional experience, we feel it is not right to take you on at this point in time”. At this point it would seem I am already prepared (or just pessimistic) in the anticipation of my own defeat, i’m not entirely sure whether that puts me ahead or behind my fellow graduates this year.
These thoughts (and suggestions from various friends) prompted me to debate the idea of simply getting a separate generic job and writing my own works and maybe get something published. I would hope, with my almost 6 years of slavery to retail, that I would manage at least something in the manner of assistant manager, dragging in at least a little income. This led me to thinking of expanding my *ahem* extensive writing repetoire to that of cook books. Now I know that I am but a fledgling still in the grand scheme of all that is cookery, but next to Fantasy it is my favourite genre. I reckon that with a lot of practice and a few years of testing out recipes I could make a half decent collection to publish. 
So flicking through my stack of cookery books and internet bookmarks, it prompted me to pick out my top seven of literary masterpieces and online culinary havens that I have taken a personal loving to! Something that I might someday achieve. I know some may not really be applicable because they are collections of hundreds of different people’s recipes, but the concept is generally the same. 
This is not a top ten, nor a top five, but yes, top seven. I’m not one for rules, and I refuse to include numbers that aren’t my complete favourites…plus, i’ve still alot to learn, and I want to leave space, just in case. So nyah!
7) All Recipes:
This website is a nice little addition to my go-to selection when looking for general ideas for stuff to eat. It is entirely community based, but i’ve found a few gems in here. If you have a little patience, it can really pay off!
6) Nigella Lawson:
Like many people before me, and many after I do not doubt, I do have a rather questionable love for Nigella Lawson. She may not have the most amazing credentials in regards to other TV chefs, but she sure can put on a cracking spread, and spread a ‘mysterious’ rise in interest in the culinary arts for teenage boys. I have been a follower of her for a good while but only recently acquired my first book, and she makes for an awesome read, if I may say so myself. 
5) Hummingbird Bakery:
This teeny little gem is something for someone who is seriously addicted to sugar. It is not for the faint hearted, if you want to reduce yourself to a calm sugar-induced coma-esque state, this book is for you. It’s very unlike me to really like this one, apart from it contains many cupcakes, but it’s girly and pretty and glitter galore in there. One for the kitsch and for people visiting kids, although I do warn you, it’ll take several hours and a few broken brooms to get little ones down from the ceiling after these. Utter delight!
4) Green & Blacks: Unwrapped
Quite possibly this will be one of the favourites upon first glance, it is chocolate. And in keeping with the whole stereotypical ‘Female=Obsession with Chocolate’ that I don’t fully understand, here is the answer to your chocolate-related questions. It’s quite a skinny little book but if you like proper chocolate – not just the sweet bars you find littering every shop – it is a good choice. If you buy this simply for the one recipe of chocolate mousse, it is £8 well spent my friends. 
ps – I very much wish I had that apron!
3) BBC Good Food:
Good old BBC, you never fail to entertain me in some manner. This website is pretty awesome, but unlike it’s lesser-loved sister up at number 7, it has a little quality control! And it has a selection from loads of different TV chefs, which is always fun and sensational.
2) Gourmet Traveller:
I have to admit, I am quite into experimenting. And jumping into something inexplicably complicated is a trait that I am no stranger to. Sometimes stupid, and many mistakes later I finally get something that I can be really proud of. This website is a new addition to my top list of loved literature, and it truly deserves it’s place. Thankyou Auntie!
1) James Martin Desserts:
I know I shouldn’t favouritise when it comes to cooking, but I do love me some cake, and if you have a sweet tooth (or, consequently, gum) this book is one of the best out there. And it may seem a little much to have three numbers dedicated to cakes and sweet things but hey! It’s not exactly a brick, but the recipes in there are easy, and though common, they are just impeccably executed. Without meaning to sound like a mindless spam machine, this book is immense, and I would not mind gaining 20 stone if the reason was this. 
Hats off to you, Mr Martin!
That was fun.
Right, onwards. To all of you scouting through and finding only pickings of food-related knowledge, I do apologise, but it’s all about the writing at the moment. Things are becoming very real at Casa del Field and I have lots to think about! So tonight, seeing as i’m feeling a little uninspired on the culinary front (she says, after scoffing a hefty piece of home-made lasagne and salad), I will let you stew in your (hopefully) inspired juices for another few days and I will return with a double dose of sexy recipes!