Freezing it up.

Today is about Christmas. It’s the 1st of December, so I get to open my advent calendar, which has been teasing me for weeks on my desk. Hooray!

I don’t think i’ve really been a ‘typical’ student my entire time at University, for one, i’m a snob towards super noodles. I genuinely hate them, with a passion. And two, a ready meal had naught touched these lips until last year, of which I ate two spoonfuls, and gave it away… because it was vile. I know, I know, some may think i’m lying or turning my nose up at the standard food of a regular student, or that they think that perhaps they don’t want to spend ridiculous amount of money buying ‘proper’ food. 
But, I can say in all honesty, since I have come back this year, I spend less on food for a week that a lot of my friends do in a day. And I guess this doesn’t just go for students, it goes for everyone who thinks how they managed to spend £35 on one, regular (as in, non-dinner party) meal, or people who are trying to save money for a holiday, or a [insert random gadget here]. But there are so many things you can do to save money when you go shopping. And, to top it off, it actually helps if you’re worried about putting on weight throughout the winter. This is mainly based on a non-vegetarian week for two people by the way, so if you’re Vegetarian or Vegan, it’ll be a little harder as the core substance of your meals will need to be a little more fresh.
First of all, one of the best things to do, is do all your shopping in one go (per week). And I know people are going to question how that can be so, things will spoil before you get to use them or so on. But, if you’re clever about it, it does keep, I promise. Another tip, if you can, buy your meat from a butchers, it’s cheaper, it’s usually better quality than the supermarket stuff and you can choose exactly how much you want instead of having to buy an entire packet of something. Something to save you money, and to help overeating (which I completely do in Winter).
Before I say this next point, I would like to mention how unorganised I am in my general daily life, and I always have been, and it really pains me to say this, but it really helps….Plan. Your. Meals.
It’s a bit geeky that I actually quite look forward to planning my meals for the week, I get bored very quickly with food, so I like to keep the variety up. If you plan what you’re going to eat, you can plan what you need to buy, it’s pretty logical really. So do a list before you go, it’ll stop you from buying stuff you don’t need, again, saving your money and your waist.
Thirdly, freeze it up, in a cheesy reference to my ambiguous title! This is kinda fun actually, as stupid as it sounds, I forget about the stuff I have in my freezer half the time, and I get all excited when I realise that after maybe two or three weeks, i’ve got enough food to last me an entire week in extra frozen portions. Which is always good. And i’m not a snob when it comes to eating frozen food…mainly because i’ve made it myself ha!
You know, this all stemmed from reading an article about these two guys who have set up a student cooking channel. But I propose every student hosts their own Come Dine With Me-esque night with a few friends instead.
As this is only a short post, I am neglecting a recipe for this week, I apologise! But I shall be back very soon and I shall make up for it with two recipes. I hope ya’ll are enjoying the snow!