A Flying Visit

It has been almost ten days since my last post, please forgive my brief absence.

Alas! No rest for the wicked eh?
I’ve been super busy with all my writing and working at the bar and such like, so i’ve not really had time for much of an update! I’m still a little poor at the moment, what with being a student and all, so the adventurous baker in me has been duct-taped, bound and blindfolded like a kinky 60’s porn film. Tastefully of course! Hmm…
But! I have still kept my routine going, i’m being organised, i’m keeping my lists, and i’m still cooking some pretty funky stuff. For instance, yesterday I used up left over pastry and cheese from my chicken pie to make sausage, beans and cheese pasties for lunch. Oh, the grease, it was so fun! It was like Greggs, only slightly nicer, and actually had filling. Unlike Greggs, however, they weren’t pretty, and the filling I did stuff them with burst my beautifully crafted (ha!) seams of the pastry and it went all over the baking tray, oops! They were still yummy though, and, along with the other half, we polished them off pretty quickly. 
So onwards for my post, cooking successes this week have consisted of, aforementioned chicken pie, a spicy soy chicken nasi goreng-type stir fry with chinese cabbage, broccoli and sesame coriander rice and aztec wraps, which I actually now prefer to enchiladas.
It’s going to have to be a bit of a short one today, so i’ll press on to my recipe of the week. It’s actually a request from a good friend of mine, so enjoy!
Cajun Chicken:
Serves 4
4 chicken breasts 
4 good tablespoons of cajun spice
4 tablespoons of cornflour
olive oil
This is really simple, cut your chicken breast in half, so it is half the thin-ness of your original chicken breast, leaving it attached at on length. So butterfly it basically!
Coat your chicken generously with cornflour on both sides, shake it a bit to get the excess off (or it’ll leave a not so awesome layer of spongey flour around the outside when it’s cooked). Mix the cajun, a little salt and pepper together in a bowl, get each butterflied, cornfloured chicken breast and massage some of the spice into it, you don’t need to be delicate, and make sure it’s well coated.
Meanwhile, turn your griddle/frying on to a medium-high heat and put a good glug of olive oil in. If you’re making for four, it’s better to do two-in-a-pan at once, for one, it’s quicker, and two, most people have pans big enough to hold 4 butterflied chicken breasts comfortably. 
So the chicken is coated in spice, now wait until your oil moves quickly around the pan and sizzles gloriously if you drop a dry bit of bread into it. and lay your chicken down on one side. Leave it to cook for about 2-3 minutes, depending on how thick your chicken is of course. keep an eye on it, because it’s so thin it won’t take long to cook. 
Spoon a little more cajun spice onto the top of the chicken and flip it when it’s cooked half way over, it honestly doesn’t matter if it doesnt stick entirely! This is the kind-of fun part, when the one side is sizzling away nicely, get a tablespoon, tip your pan and spoon the juices and loose spice over the top of the, what should be, slightly paler side of the chicken. If there are any bits of spice left sprinkle it on top of the paler side and spread it a little with the back of the spoon, it should stick to it quite easily now it’s been in oil. 
Once it’s been cooking for another 2-3 minutes, turn it over so the spice can infuse into the other side, cook for a further minute or so, stick it on a little kitchen roll to absorb any left over oil and voila. You are done!
This is just the basics of the meal, you can pair this with so much, sweet potato wedges go lovely with these, so does brown rice, spiced bulgar wheat is also a lovely combo. But it’s entirely up to you, if you’re feeling a little unadventurous after your endeavour you could just stick it with oven chips. Not that i’m dissing a good plate of chunky oven chips in the slightest of course!
I’m sorry it’s been a flash-in-the-pan visit (is that too cheesy?….yes, I think it is) but I shall update something a little more exciting very soon!