The Gods of Chance

…Really were smiling down unto me yesterday afternoon!

Me and my other half went blackberry picking in the woods next to his house on the beautifully rainy afternoon, to console me for my rotten luck of being able to find no damsons this summer. I searched, and I complained many times when I realised that I would be without my beloved home-made damson jam for an entire year (unless, I resorted to the tooth-meltingly sweet store bought crap). So we set off, me looking like little red riding hood in my red coat, aiming to get enough to make at least one pot of bramble jam. Luckily, we got absolutely tonnes, enough for two, maybe even three pots.
And, to top it all off, coming back to the other half’s house, his dad came across a person at work with 2 kg of damsons, after I’d searched all over for some. Lucky or what? Needless to say i made a big pot of jam to keep me going for a while, which is delicious, if I may say so myself.
As for the cake, after a few problems with bad feelings it was undercooked, it came out a complete mess, but it tasted quite yummy, and it’s long gone – Hooray!

And here it is…candles and all! Ready to be covered by the tin lid to go on the train just before I left.