Mint Leaves Ahoy

So far today, I have stood and painted about 50 mint leaves with chocolate, and felt like i’ve achieved absolutely nothing. Oh dear.

I’m really not the most refined of cooks, and i’m ridiculously clumsy, and messy, so this job was not designed with me in mind. And, thinking I was being clever, I decided to try and shape them so they would look arty and nice for the top of the cake, alas, I didn’t think of how I was supposed to chill them and couldn’t get the extra long rolling pin in the fridge, so, it had to abandoned, and i hung them over knives and forks instead…not quite so cool.
But hey, hopefully they’ll look okay and won’t break in transit on my way back to Uni today! I’m betting 4 hour train journeys with two suitcases, a huge laptop and a backpack isn’t the best environment to keep delicate things safe.
Hey ho, let’s hope they make it.